AndLight in Residence

With Rebecca Goddard

Embark on an exciting journey with AndLight as we push the boundaries of design exploration. We recently launched our latest interior design project, 'AndLight in Residence', which aims to break away from convention and immerse ourselves in the living spaces of renowned interior designers, content creators, and influencers. At AndLight, we aim to expand our horizons and build a strong design community. As an e-commerce company selling high-end design, this is a way to bring the products to life and showcase a carefully curated selection of interior pieces available through AndLight.

For our first-ever AndLight in Residence project, we teamed up with our ambassador and designer, Rebecca Goddard, who opened her residence to host the event in her beautiful home. At its heart, this first AndLight in Residence collaboration with Rebecca Goddard is a celebration of shared values, a commitment to authenticity, and a mutual passion for design innovation. Together, we've strived to redefine the boundaries of luxury and sophistication, inviting our audience to experience design in its most inspired form.

Rebecca's Residence Selection

Rebecca Goddard, Foto: Studio H and M

New Works

Rebecca curated her home for this collaboration, featuring various design items all available through AndLight. Notably, New Works, a Danish design company, was part of the selection, celebrating the intersection between old and new, light and dark, design and art. Despite a minimalist decor approach, Rebecca finds calmness in the reduced ambiance, transforming her home into a comforting sanctuary. The intentional simplicity allows each design piece to shine and receive the admiration it deserves.

"On the bedsides, we have the beautiful Kizu lamps from New Works bringing a nice sculptural element into the space. The form of this lamp is dominant, so I like how opting for the white marble version brought a bit of softness to contrast that. They frame the bed well I think. In the corner of the room, we have the beautiful Covent Lounge chair also from New Works in creamy bouclé. I always gravitate towards pieces with soft curves, and I love just how curvaceous this design is without feeling massive or bulky" ...

"These same familiar curves can be found on the other side of our flat in the living room, in the form of the Covent Residential sofa. Because we love to get cozy and spend a lot of time lounging around on weekends, I opted for the sofa in the darker grey-taupe boucle. The fabric suits our lifestyle well, and having a bit of contrast brings some definition to the room, especially when combined with the linen-covered Margin pendant lamp that hangs over the head. Both of these designs bring a lot of volume and character into the otherwise cream and white interior." - Rebecca Goddard

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Foto: Studio H and M

New Works Kizu Portable Table Lamp

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New Works Covent Lounge Chair

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New Works Margin Pendant

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New Works Brolly Portable Lamp

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Oi Soi Oi

Another core design element for this project was the Umbrella lamp from Oi Soi Oi, a Danish company where everything is handmade in Vietnam and where integrity, tradition, and responsibility go hand in hand to ensure quality and proper production conditions.

For Oi Soi Oi, design is not merely about design; It's a story about you, us, and the world around us. Oi Soi Oi unfolds the narrative of relationships between people and cultures. Fundamental to Oi Soi Oi is decency in their relations with the people they work with. According to Rebecca Goddard, What's fascinating about the Umbrella lamp from Oi Soi Oi, is its soft shape and stunning silk. She says, - "I thought that the Umbrella Lamp by Oi Soi Oi was the perfect piece for the space." ...

"You can find the same tone of buttery silk in Oi Soi Oi's other lamps like the Pumpkin and UFO. All of these designs are gorgeous with a true airy volume to their form, but I opted for the Umbrella because I loved how the form was completely wrapped in silk from the bottom view. This was important to me since I didn’t want to look directly onto a lightbulb when laying in bed." -Rebecca Goddard

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Foto: Studio H and M

Oi Soi Oi Umbrella Ceiling Lamp

“It gives the softest, most creamy light, and I adore how the design feels classic and familiar while still being very unique” - Rebecca Goddard

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As a curator of high-end design, it is a great achievement for AndLight to be able to facilitate projects such as AndLight in Residence. To be able to support a strong design community that makes projects like this a reality by welcoming and opening their homes to influential stakeholders who all share a passion for beautiful design, interiors, and design traditions. As we embark on this new design adventure, we can't wait to see the possibilities unfold and watch this new project grow. Stay tuned, the ride is just beginning!