Graypants is a design team with a focus on responsible design and innovative ideas, founded by architects Seth and Jon in Seattle in 2007. Their mission is to fight against conformity and old methods, which has led them to create light series that prioritize people and the environment. One of their first and most successful series is Scraplights, made from recycled cardboard, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovative and sustainable design. These designs are now brought to Europe, with the Amsterdam division managing imports, further expanding their reach and influence in the design world.

About Scraplights

The Scraplights series demonstrates Graypants’ commitment to unique craftsmanship and creativity, boasting lamps made from recycled cardboard and treated with fire-retardant coating for strength and durability. This series offers a variety of organic designs, unique to Graypants, affirming the brand's dedication to responsible craftsmanship. Available in a natural brown or white, the Scraplights series enriches spaces with its diverse designs and the notion that each lamp was made with passion and environmental responsibility.

About Chrona

The Chrona series by Graypants fuses artistic innovation with metallic elements to create pendants, wall lamps, and table lamps inspired by the luminescence of stars. These lamps feature metallic discs with integrated LED lights, available in different sizes for horizontal or vertical mounting, allowing for versatile and unique installations. The Chrona series not only offers exclusive lighting solutions but also serves as a testament to Graypants’ ability to blend artistry with functionality, making it suitable for various spaces and combinable in numerous ways.