VIPP, renowned for its philosophy of fewer but higher quality products, has crafted a timeless and cohesive collection that prioritizes function and timelessness over fleeting design trends. Their impressive range includes high-quality wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and pendants designed to integrate seamlessly into a variety of home décors. Since introducing its lamp collection in 2015, starting with six lamps and expanding to seven with the addition of a white wall spot, VIPP has distinguished itself by offering lighting solutions that blend direct and diffuse light, enhancing any space with a warm, inviting glow. The design efforts, spearheaded by Morten Bo, head of design at VIPP, focus on achieving a balance of high craftsmanship and quality lighting that diverges from conventional market offerings by providing a calm, diffuse glow complemented by pleasing, downward-directed light. Rooted in a rich history that spans back to 1939—with the creation of a trash bin for Marie’s hair salon—VIPP has evolved from producing simple bins to an expansive range of products including lamps, accessories, furniture, a hotel, and a kitchen collection. This evolution underscores VIPP's emergence as a lifestyle brand that garners appreciation globally for its cool designs and unwavering commitment to quality.