Petite Friture

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, Petite Friture, a distinguished French furniture and lamp manufacturer, is renowned for its intuition-driven and conviction-based collections. Central to its acclaim is the poetic ambiance evoked by its lighting designs, notably the Unseen lamp from StudioPepe and the generous illumination of the Vertigo Nova, a pendant that has become a stellar addition to Petite Friture's offerings. This brand, together with accomplished designer Constance Guisset, has elevated the Vertigo pendant through the sophisticated design of its Vertigo Nova variant. The original Vertigo lamp, a lightweight and widely celebrated design by Guisset, has been a global phenomenon since its debut, winning an audience award in France in 2006. Petite Friture also presents the Mediterrania series, which stands out for its cloth-like metal shade that offers unique lighting effects and shadow plays. Behind the scenes, a talented team of French and international designers constantly innovates, producing sculptural designs that effortlessly complement Scandinavian interiors with their timeless simplicity.