Italian lamp giant Nemo, founded in Milan in 1993 by Franco Cassina and Carlo Forcolini, has established itself as one of the world's leading lamp companies, synonymous with influencing Italian design and innovation. Their success is largely attributed to the collaborative efforts with world-renowned designers such as Carlo Forcolini, Jehs + Laub, and Mario Barbaglia among others, bringing to life a collection of groundbreaking lamps. Nemo's Flagship showroom in Milan, opened in 2014, invites visitors to experience their dynamic approach to lighting and showcases the main collection that exemplifies the timeless designs Nemo is known for. This dedication to innovation and quality design has secured Nemo's position in the industry and promises a legacy of continued excellence.

Popular lamps from Nemo

Nemo's portfolio showcases a range of iconic lamps that reflect the high level of professional craftsmanship and innovative design the company stands for. Noteworthy creations by Le Corbusier, such as La Roche, Am1n, Escargot, and Borne Béton, highlight the importance of lighting in shaping perception and elevating spaces. The Borne Béton series, available as both table and outdoor lamps, exemplifies unique design that merges function with aesthetic appeal. The contributions of Le Corbusier, emphasizing the intrinsic value of light, demonstrate how Nemo's collaborations with esteemed designers result in lighting solutions that are both functional and works of art.

Nemo's greatest designers

Throughout its history, Nemo has collaborated with some of the most influential designers in the world, contributing to its pioneering status in the lighting industry. Designers like Mario Barbaglia have lent their expertise to create some of Nemo’s most celebrated products, including the Anita, the Dove table lamp, and the Norma wall light, with each piece reflecting a blend of innovative thinking and artistic expression. The Bridge system, in particular, showcases Nemo’s dedication to unconventional design solutions. It's this forward-thinking approach and collaboration with talents such as Le Corbusier that have positioned Nemo for a successful future, continuing to push the boundaries of lighting design.