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Italian lamp giant Nemo is one of the world's leading lamp companies. Founded in Milan in 1993, Nemo represents a name that has always been influential and has been part of inspiring Italian design. Nemo has pretty much always been carried away by innovation which is one of the reasons for their great success. The collection of the groundbreaking lamps comes from many of the greatest designers of the world, e.g. Carlo Forcolini, Jehs + Laub, Mario Barbaglia, Javier Mariscal and many others.

Nemo’s Flagship showroom opened in Milan in 2014. The idea of the Flagship showroom is to let people come in to experience light and their research in light in a dynamical way. Not just that, it also paves the way for the main collection which represents Nemo and is part of their timeless designs that will follow them for the remainder of Nemo's lifetime.

Popular lamps from Nemo

With lamps such as La Roche, Am1n and Dove the highly profesional work of Nemo is evident. As the designer and creator of many lamps from Nemo, Le Corbusier, says: "The function of our eyes is to see shapes in light". By these words, he means that all shapes and sculptures would be worthless without lighting.

Le Corbusier manages not only to illuminate but also to be the sculpture himself. With his creations Escargot and Borne Béton you really get to see the aesthetics and thoughts behind the skilled design. The Borne Béton lamp series is completely unique and only a man of his caliber can make it work. The lamp is available as a table lamp or an outdoor lamp.

Le Corbusier

Nemo's greatest designers

Nemo has attracted some of the greatest designers of the world. Among others Mario Barbaglia who has designed some of the proudest products of Nemo, e.g. Anita, the classic Dove table lamp, the Norma wall light and the well-known Bridge system. The idea behind Bridge is to place an unwieldy lamp on a cord that gives it a light and flying expression.

With many more designers in tow, such as Le Corbusier, Nemo has always been at the front of the market and with their innovative way of thinking and hunt for the unconventional, they have pretty much secured a likewise successful future.

Le Corbusier

The story behind Nemo

Nemo’s story has its roots in 1993 and was created by Franco Cassina, CEO and creator of Cassina S.p.A., and Carlo Forcolini. They both needed a project with innovation as the main factor and they began making lamps that inspired the entire Italian market. They were quickly recognised in the rest of the world and today Nemo are at the forefront of the lamp industry.

Famous designers quickly saw the great potential of Nemo and already in 1998, they buy the lamp company Italiana Luce. Nemo loves looking for something new as it doesn't limit or make rules but merely create unending possibilities for ideas.
Today, Nemo is owned by Federico Palazzari and has the same values and standpoints as is seen in all their unique collections.