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Quick help

Lamp Glossary

Quick help

Lamp Glossary

It can be difficult to find your way around the many concepts associated with lights and lamps. That is why we have made an overview where you can search for answers to the concepts you are not familiar with.

Backorder - What does it mean?

Backorder - what does this mean for your order? Backorder can cause delays on your order and unfortunately it can not always be avoided. We have gathered a number of reasons why a lamp can be backordered, so you can get a better understanding if you are unexpectedly informed that your ordered lamp is backordered.

Handmade lamps and Made to Order

This post explains more about those of our manufacturers who make lamps to order and by hand. The conditions for these brands are a little different, as they can not deliver within the same time as other brands. Delivery time depends to a large extent on the pressure on the workshop. In this post, you can read more about the brands you need to be aware of in relation to production and delivery.

Hardwired lamps - A guide

This text briefly describes what hardwired lamps are and how to set them up. Hardwired lamps must be installed by an electrician, but in return you get a complete and clean expression on your wall or ceiling light.

Ingress Protection and IP certification

It is important to know about IP certifications, when choosing lamps for outdoor use or for the bathroom. We have created an easy and understandable guide, so you can quickly get an idea of the concepts before you place your order.

Frequently asked questions

At Andlight we check return packages twice a week. When we receive your return package, we will check that everything is in its original state and that all packaging is included. Then, we refund your payment. If you have paid by bank transfer, it will take up to 10 days from we make the payment, until the money arrives in your bank account. If you have paid by Mastercard or VISA, the amount will arrive in your accout within a few days. In some cases, it might be up to 5 working days, before you can see the money in your account.

When we order your product from the manufacturer, we sometimes meet the challenge of a backorder. This normally means that the production is delayed or there is a problem with the current batch. We will update you on E-mail, regarding the expected delivery of your product. If you cannot wait for the product to arrive, you are welcome to cancel your order. You can do this by contacting us through the contact formular below.

It’s quick and easy to make a claim at Andlight.com. Just click the button “Claims” above and you can make your claim through the formular. You will receive an answer on your claim within a few days and we will update you on your case as it is being resolved. Before making your claim, please have a look at our tips & tricks and see if you can resolve the issue yourself.

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