Founded in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo, Pablo Lighting has become a beacon for minimalist and highly functional design in the lighting industry. Pablo Pardo's ethos of "less is more" permeates through the company's pioneering and sustainable approach towards lighting design, rejecting the disposable mindset prevalent in today's society. Across its wide product range, which includes notable award-winning lamps like Bola, Circa, and Uma, Pablo Lighting emphasizes simplicity, innovation, and a commitment to longevity. Among its acclaimed collections, the Bola Disc series stands out for its unique combination of opaline glass diffusers and polished discs in various finishes, showcasing the brand's blend of technical precision and aesthetic versatility. Pablo Pardo and his San Francisco-based studio have gained international recognition, continuously collaborating with like-minded designers to craft lighting and furniture that promote a harmonious connection between humans and their environment, all while pushing the boundaries of design with a focus on meaningful and sustainable production.