Made By Hand

Made By Hand is a Danish design brand that revitalizes old Scandinavian craft traditions through its focus on traditional craftsmanship and local manufacturing. The brand, established relatively recently, has quickly become known for its authentic and functional lamps, drawing inspiration from classic Scandinavian design. Among its offerings, the Workshop lamp by A. Wedel Madsen stands out, becoming a retro classic in modern homes due to its excellent lighting and aesthetic appeal. Further enriching their collection, Made By Hand introduced the Petite Machine series, designed by Flemming Lindholdt Madsen. This series, inspired by the industrial and functional design of the 1950s, includes table lamps, ceiling lights, and wall lights, all recognized for their spectacular design, nice materials, and great details.

Popular lamps from Made By Hand

Made By Hand brings innovation to the lighting industry with their inspired and high-quality lamp collections. The Petite Machine and the iconic Made By Hand Workshop lamp are key highlights, attracting attention for their industrial inspiration, diverse application in modern interiors, and the option for customization in various colors. Another noteworthy series is the Knit-Wit lamps, which emanate a pleasant and warm light, adaptable in size, shape, and color to suit various spaces. These collections, including the high-quality Petite Machine series, the versatile Copenhagen lamp, and the elegant Tulip pendant, demonstrate Made By Hand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and Danish design tradition.

The story behind Made By Hand

Since its inception in 2013, Made By Hand has rooted itself in the rich traditions of Danish design, with a history extending back to 1951 when A. Wedel-Madsen designed the original Workshop lamp. Viewing design as a harmonious blend of functionality, classic aesthetics, and Danish heritage, the brand has maintained its commitment to local production. All products are crafted in Denmark, with many items hand-made by skilled Danish craftsmen, embodying the brand’s dedication to quality, authenticity, and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. This approach not only ensures high-quality products but also celebrates the cultural heritage and craftsmanship expertise unique to Denmark.