Pendants and chandeliers

Pendants and chandeliers

At AndLight, we're passionate about the potential of pendant lighting to transform a space not just by illuminating it, but by adding a decorative touch that can set the tone and atmosphere of a room. In selecting a pendant light, the array of choices available can seem overwhelming, given the myriad of styles, materials, and colors on offer. To ease this process, we recommend exploring our exclusive collection of designer lamps for inspiration, highlighting notable designs such as Luceplan Hope D66/18, Tom Dixon Copper Shade, and Secto Puncto 4203 among others. These examples illustrate the diversity of materials and designs currently shaping lighting trends, with a special mention of brands like Flos, Gubi, and Tom Dixon for their pioneering work. We encourage customers to reach out for personalized advice and support in making their selection, ensuring their lighting not only meets functional needs but aligns with their aesthetic preferences.

Inspiration for choosing a pendant

Our extensive range includes over 6000 lamps, offering a vast spectrum of options for those in search of the perfect pendant lamp. The evolving landscape of lighting design has seen Scandinavian brands such as Muuto, Menu, and &tradition, garner international acclaim for their innovative approaches to pendant design, material use, and overall aesthetics. This global recognition not only celebrates Scandinavian design but also broadens the selection available to our customers, introducing new designs and concepts that continue to push the boundaries of what lighting can achieve in a space. Whether seeking something specifically Scandinavian or exploring broader design themes, our collection aims to cater to every taste and room requirement, underscored by our commitment to offering high-quality and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions.

Large selection of pendants

Understanding the importance of finding just the right pendant for your space, we've curated a selection that encapsulates a range of design philosophies, materials, and functionalities. For those focused on the technical aspects, such as the direction and warmth of light, or those with a preference for specific materials, our filter function aids in narrowing down options to match your exact preferences, including brand-specific searches. For additional guidance, we offer resources like our guide for hanging pendants above the dinner table, which provides insights into selecting, mounting, and optimizing your pendant lighting. Ultimately, if our broad selection doesn't meet your specific needs, our team is readily available to offer support, aiming to ensure you find a pendant that not only lights up your space but does so in style.