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Below you'll see an overview of all the different brands and manufactures that we stock and deal. By clicking on the different brands, you will be taken directly to the specific brand's selection of lamps. At AndLight we endeavour to continuously expand our selection of lamps, so we can stay up to date and keep offering you a wide and versatile range of designer lamps. Take a look at the different brands and get the inspiration you need in order to find the perfect lamp for your home. 

The Influence of the Lighting Brands 

At AndLight we always try to establish close relations with the brands that we sell. We do this to make sure we offer the best possible purchase experience for our customers. Your experience not only depends on the quality of the lamp, but also on the delivery time - the time it takes from when you purchase the lamp online till it arrives at your door. We are extremely aware of this and strive to recieve the shortest possible delivery time from our contracters in case the item is out of stock. That way we try to minimize your waiting time. At AndLight we are witnessing an amazing developement in the field of designer lamps, and we are always looking forward to seeing what great ideas the designers have come up with and what lamps are being launched. We value our brands and manufactures very highly and are excited to see what the future brings. 

The most sought after manufactures

From month to month we see a great deal of variation in what brands are in demand. Of course, several brands manage to always maintain their popular status as well-established manufactures, i.e. brands like Louis Poulsen, Le Klint, Lampe Gras, Luceplan, Tom Dixon, Lightyears, Flos, Foscarini, Kartell, and Artemide. But keep in mind that all design brands started somewhere, and many of the smaller brands manage to force the pace and boost their popularity. Brands like Made By Hand, Northern Lighting, Tom Rossau, Secto, Schottlander, Cph Lighting, Design By Us, and Muuto are doing a great job, too. At AndLight we are always looking for brands and manufactures to contribute with new designs and joining our selection of lamps. Lately, we have added amazing brands like WATT A LAMP, Darø, Trizo 21, Vasanthi, New Works, Here Comes The Sun,  and Estiluz.

Perspectives of the Future

At DesignLighting we are always excited to see what new developments our manufactures make and what new trends emerge. Lately the trend has been copper or wooden lamps like the Tom Dixon Copper Shade, Made By Hand Workshop Pendant in Browned Copper, Tom Rossau TR10 Natural, Secto Octo 4240 Pendant or  Northern Lighting Oslo Wood Floorlamp. But trends and interior fashion is an ever changing entity and the manufactures are really good at pushing themselves and the bonderies in order to create lamps like we've never seen them before. Futheremore it's interesting to witness the differences in design depending on the manufactures' geographical location, i.e. Northern Europe, Southern Europe, or Asia. A new trend in lighting is the new lines from Tom Dixon - Melt and Fade. Both lines are the result of a new technology that allows the lamp to have a completely unique look no matter if the lamp is turned on or off. You can find Tom Dixon Melt here og Tom Dixon Fade here.