Black Friday is finally here! And with so many irresistible designs and great deals to choose from, it may all seem a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we have curated a shopping guide and selected some designs that are bound to delight either yourself or a loved one.

As well as being a day filled with great deals, Black Friday is also the day on which a lot of people do most of their Christmas gift shopping. So whether you are looking to make a great deal for yourself or on your Christmas gifts, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration in the shopping guide below.

We hope you find the exact design you've always dreamed of.

1. New Works Tense Pendant

Tense is a fantastic pendant and is meant-to-be on the wish list this year. With its circular and elongated shapes, as well as its sleek appearance, this lamp has a floating expression that exudes incredible elegance. The Tense pendant from New Works provides warm and atmospheric lighting to the space it adorns.

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2. Stori Ballerina Vase

The Ballerina vase from Stori is a unique and beautiful vase designed to showcase flowers in an elegant manner. This vase is well-suited for presenting a wide variety of flowers and branches, from simple cut flowers to beautiful bouquets. It's perfect for displaying your favorite flowers or as a decorative piece on the dining table or bedroom shelf.

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3. Fritz Hansen Ikebana Vase

The Ikebana collection represents a continuation of the Danish brand Fritz Hansen's well-known design philosophy of "Less is more." The Ikebana vase is the result of a unique collaboration between Fritz Hansen and the Spanish artist Jaime Hayon. Hayon drew inspiration from Japanese flower arrangement, whose purpose is to highlight the natural beauty and elegance of the flower from stem to petal.

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&Tradition Flowerpot VP1 Matte Black

The &Tradition Flowerpot, designed by Verner Panton in 1968, was originally created with the restaurant industry and Verner Panton's exhibitions in mind. Over time the lamp has gained popularity in private homes and has especially experienced a resurgence in recent years.

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5. Astep Model 2065 Pendant

The Model 2065 by Astep is one of the legendary Gino Sarfatti's most famous and fascinating creations. The lamp was designed in 1950, an era when lampshades were primarily made of glass. When Gino became acquainted with the new plexiglass, he started experimenting with this material and quickly discovered new forms and possibilities. Model 2065 is the result of his experiments and presents itself as a simple and eye-catching lamp.

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6. Audo Hashira Pendant

The Hashira lamp series by Audo was designed by Norm Architects. Norm Architects found inspiration for the lamp during a visit to Japanese Washi paper makers. The lamps are both lightweight and aesthetic, and they provide fantastic lighting due to the elegant paper material.

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7. Petite Friture Vertigo

The Vertigo lamp, designed by Constance Guisset, sparked excitement in the design world as Petite Friture's first lamp collection in 2009. Quickly becoming a classic, it won the Audience Award at the Design Parade de la Villa Noailles in the same year. Guisset meticulously considered every detail. With the light source nestled in a basket, the lamp casts beautiful shadows on ceilings and walls. Available in various colors and sizes, its versatile design suits spaces ranging from bedrooms to kitchens and grand halls.

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8. Gubi Multi-Lite Floor Lamp

The Multi-Lite floor lamp was initially designed by Louis Weisdorf in 1972. It pays tribute to the Danish Golden Age with its distinctive form. The lamp's base consists of two cylindrical shapes, with a metal ring around them serving as a pivot point for the two outer, mobile shades. These shades can be rotated to create various lighting combinations and expressions, including upward, downward, or asymmetrical artistic lighting. The GUBI Multi-Lite floor lamp is a perfect fit for the living room or office, as it offers customizable lighting.

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9. Andersen Furniture AC2 Dining Chair in Oak

The AC2 chair, designed by ByKato, captivates with its beautiful and elegant design. This classic chair boasts a simple and stylish form that is rich in fine details and beautifully crafted lines. Its frame is constructed from exquisite oak wood and is equipped with non-slip and noise-absorbing pads, ensuring the protection of your floors. This dining chair seamlessly combines aesthetics with comfort

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10. New Works Kizu Portable Grey

The small, wireless Kizu table lamp captivates the eye with its sculptural composition and the balance between its forms. By using marble as its supporting element, the lamp achieves natural stability, and the polished stone feels comfortable in the hand when moved around the home to areas where light is needed. Light emanates from the entire top of the lamp, providing a calm ambient illumination.

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11. Tom Dixon Melt Table Lamp Copper

Tom Dixon and FRONT have collaborated to create an incredibly beautiful portable lamp with a truly unique design. The lamp is crafted using a special metalization technology, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance, the first of its kind. When lit, the lamp is transparent, revealing an exciting interplay of colors. When switched off, it takes on a mirror-like look. The Melt lamp boasts a lovely organic and natural expression.

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