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Lighting Guide: Outdoor Lamps

Find the best outdoor lighting for the balcony, driveway, house and garden, with our quick guide!


Even though we are moving toward brighter times, there is still a need for outdoor lamps for your garage, your garden or your driveway. That is why we have collected some of the most famous and beautiful lamps for outdoor use.

One reads in many places how light has an effect on our mood. We stay in a better mood with comfortable and adequate lighting around us. Therefore, it can take some time to find the right lighting for your home. A cozy driveway, balcony, garden or a lighted house can have a large impact on our everyday life. We have collected 8 of our favorite outdoor lamps, so you can easily navigate around the large selection.

Take inspiration from our collection here, or take a look at our outdoor lamps on the webshop, since there is a wide variety of fantastic outdoor lamps.
Outdoor lamps
Outdoor lamps

The outdoor lights in the picture:

1/ In The Tube, 700: Gives a unique and fantastic light. The lamp can be used in all respects and can be easily mounted on walls and ceilings. The lamp also works great as a lamp for the terrace and the unique design catches the eye every time you look at it. The lamp is available in three different colors and sizes.

2/ Lightyears HL 410W: Update! This lamp is unfortunately out of production.

3/ Astro, Montparnasse: Beautiful and evocative wall lamp that pays homage to the classic French design. A true classic that fits into most driveways.

4/ Flos Outdoor, Climber Down 87: A really nice and functional outdoor lamp that provides a nice down light.

5/ Flos Outdoor , Camouflage 240: Really nice design with a well-thought-out lighting purpose. When the wall light is lit, it creates a circular light that highlights the facade of the lamp. A stylish and modern choice for the coherent home.

6/ CPH Lighting, Eggy Pop Out: The atmospheric outdoor Cph Lighting Eggy Pop comes in the three sizes shown in the picture. A really nice outdoor lamp. Extra length of the cord can be purchased, so you can mount the Eggy Pop where it should be in your garden or driveway.

7/ Lampe Gras, N304 Outdoor: Beautiful and iconic lamp. Many people decorate with this super popular model, which is both functional and can withstand wind and weather. With a Lampe Gras lamp, you get a reliable design that has stood the test of time.

8/ Fabbian, Beluga Aluminum: A discreet, but highly functional outdoor lamp, for directional light. If you need a spot on special parts of your plot or terrace, a Beluga lamp from Fabbian is the obvious choice.

Flos Outdoor

Flos has made a wonderful outdoor lighting range called FLOS Outdoor . Flos Outdoor only consists of outdoor lamps and the range includes a wide range of outdoor lamps.

You can choose both completely discreet and integrated designs, or you can choose some of the beautiful and classic Flos designs that can adorn your grounds.

Flos has both outdoor spots, outdoor wall lamps and outdoor bollards.