New Lamp for The Dining Table?



  • New lamp for the dining table, but don't know how to choose the right one?
  • The do-it-yourself guide to dining table lamps with tips and tricks
  • How high should a lamp hang over the dining table?
  • Need inspiration?

New lamp for the dining table, but don't know how to choose the right one?

Learn more about the perfect hanging of table dining lamps with 6 DIY tips and inspiration for choosing a pendant.


Finding the perfect dining table lamp can be a daunting task - we know it, better than most!

You may have scoured the vast internet for inspirational images, visited interior blogs, and scrolled through countless webshops to find just the right lamp.

Despite this, you may still be in doubt about which kind of lampshade you really need, how do you choose the right lightbulb and how high should the lamp be hanging over the table?

Do not despair, you have come to the right place!

At AndLight , we have over 10 years of experience in sales and consulting of all types of designer lighting for both the home and the office.

We have helped many of our customers with their interior design projects, and have come up with our best tips and tricks on how lighting can be used to create both a cozy and functional atmosphere in their particular homes


We can help you, too!

For your benefit, we have summarized a large visual guide with our best DIY tips and good advice for when you are faced with choosing a new lamp for the dining table, or have decided on a lamp, but need advice for hanging it correctly.

Here, we hopefully make you wiser on how you choose the right lamp, how high should a lamp hang over the dining table, how to hang a lamp correctly in the ceiling and which lightbulb is the best to choose.

&Tradition Formakami 3 lamper over spisebord
Photo: &tradition Formakami JH5 Pendant&tradition Formakami JH3 Pendant / &tradition Formakami JH4 Pendant

The do-it-yourself guide to dining table lamps with tips and tricks

In many homes, the dining table is a gathering place for the whole family, and is often used for more than just enjoying good food and good company.

At the dining table, the kids do homework, you work or read the newspaper and therefore, it is a good idea for you to make some considerations about what functions the dining table and the dining table lamp should fulfill.

Use the illustrations in the guide to get a quick overview of what you need to be aware of.

Do you need more technical and detailed information?

Get even more prepared to start hanging your new lamp, by diving into the more technical aspects, in the corresponding text for each illustration.

In the ultimate guide to dining table lamps, you can learn more about:


  • How to choose the right type of lamp

  • How many lamps should you choose

  • Suspension height on dining table lamps

  • Connection of lamp in the ceiling

  • Choose the right lightbulb

  • Create atmosphere with a dimmer

How to hang a lamp over the dining table guide

How high should a lamp hang over the dining table?

As a rule of thumb, lamps should hang 60-75 cm above the table surface if they are large and 55-65 cm above the table surface if they are small - the measure is from the bottom of the lampshade. This is to get a good light distribution for the dining table.

When it comes to the kitchen table, living room table and office table, a completely different height is recommended. In this case, it is recommended for the kitchen table: 75-80 cm and for the living room table, a lower lighting is recommended, so you don't experience flare, when using your couch. This is typically recommended because you often do not want an equally bright light, but more or less a cozy and dim light in the living room.

Lighting is important in the home, but also very individual. Therefore, it is recommended that you try it out yourself and of course be as creative and decorative as the room allows. When it comes to lamps, only your creativity is the limit. You can read more about Integrating lamps in your home here.

Need inspiration?

We have found some beautiful homes, so you can be inspired by how the different types of dining table lamps looks in reality.
Luceplan Hope Pendel - Palettenoir
Photo: Luceplan Hope Pendant
Here, the iconic Hope pendant from Luceplan is seen as a nice, modern contrast to the raw brick wall and the beautiful wooden floor. The Hope the pendant spreads a soft light throughout the room, and due to its Fresnel lenses, the light has a very unique play.

Danish Charlotte is the owner of this beautiful home - experience her beautiful Instagram right here.

Foscarini Caboche Pendel

Photo: Foscarini Caboche Pendant

The elegant Foscarini Caboche fits perfectly into Swedish Veronica's accomplished Nordic style. Here's an example of a 360 degree pendant where the light is concentrated upwards and downwards, but still provides a playful light in the rest of the room due to the transparent shade.

See more of her beautiful home on Instagram


Pendel sort over spisebordet

Photo: GUBI Multi-Lite Pendant 

Gubi's Multi Lite pendant in matt black , has been chosen here as a dining table lamp by Norwegian Camilla Athena. Its distinctive design and adjustable shade gives it a wide variety of uses. Camilla has chosen to let the two shades point in different directions, and in this way the light is spread both down towards the table and out into the room.

If you want to explore Camilla's incredibly cozy home, you can find her on Instagram and her own blog, where you will find lots of home inspiration.

Secto Octo pendler over spisebord
Photo: Secto Octo 4240 Pendant 

The Secto Octo 4240 pendant comes into its own, in Norwegian Katrine's fantastic kitchen/family room, with tall ceilings. Octo provides a downward light which is spread widely in the room, due to the large distance between the slats in the lamp shade.

Note here that the lamps hang relatively high above the table, which is possible as the lightbulb is located at the very top of the lamp, and is also hidden by the slats in the shade.

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