November has arrived, which means AndLight Goes Black on price! We have kicked off the biggest sale of the year with a crazy amount of unbeatable prices! You may be looking for the perfect Christmas gift, either for yourself or someone you love, so we have decided to highlight a list of some of our most popular products so that you can feel confident in your gift choices as long as you stick with us! In this shopping guide you'll find designs in different price ranges from brands such as Stori, Audo Copenhagen, Nuura, and many more.

1. Stori Ballerina Vase

The Ballerina vase from Stori is a unique and beautiful vase designed to showcase flowers elegantly. This vase is well-suited for presenting various flowers and branches, from simple cut flowers to beautiful bouquets. It's perfect for displaying your favorite flowers or as a decorative piece on the dining table or bedroom shelf.

A gift that symbolizes timelessness and thoughtfulness in the finest way. Match it with a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers.

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2. &Tradition Como Table Lamp

Make someone very happy with the perfect portable! The Como table lamp from &Tradition. The lamp provides a cozy and usable light. The lamp has built-in three light levels, so you can control the intensity of light you want.

This portable lamp is the perfect addition to any bedside table or bookshelf.

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3. Audo Copenhagen JWDA

Spoil someone with unique and beautiful lighting! The JWDA table lamp is part of a series of lamps inspired by traditional oil lamps. The lamps are made from real materials - concrete and brass - and created by Stockholm-based designer Jonas Wagell.

It is the perfect addition to a stylish coffee table and is available in various colors.

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4. Audo Copenhagen Kubus

A classic gift that any recipient will love. The Kubus candle holder is a great example of exceptional minimalist design. Designed back in 1962 by Danish designer Mogens Lassen, the simple candle holders are made of metal and have been ever since the design was first introduced.

Kubus was designed with a focus on gathering and uniting people around the table with its simple expression and stylish design.

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5. Multi Lite Portable

One of the latest arrivals this season from GUBI! The portable Multi-Lite makes it the perfect companion for all your social gatherings or outdoor adventures! Without being limited by cables, the new transportable Multi-Lite lamp can be moved around all rooms of the home as needed. Give the gift of freedom with this beauty of a portable lamp!

The Multi-Lite Portable is available in 3 different colors: Black, Chrome or Brass. On the side of the lamp, there is a dimmer that lets you choose from three different dimmer settings.

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6. Nuura Liila 1

Here you have an extremely elegant wall lamp that gives off a calm and pleasant light. Nuura Liila is made of mouth-blown glass and has a back plate in metal!

A gift that will bring charm and elegance to anyone's bathroom, hallway, or even bedroom!

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7. Fritz Hansen Ikebana

If you're looking for a gift for someone creative or someone who loves to arrange flowers, then the Ikebana vase will be the perfect choice! Created with inspiration from Japanese floral art which aims to highlight the flower's natural beauty and simplicity from stem to petal.

Ikebana is available in different colors and sizes to best suit your needs, whether you want a smaller flower decoration or need the vase for the larger center decoration for the dining table.

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8. New Works Kizu Portable Table Lamp

Another great idea would undoubtedly be the bestselling Kizu Portable Table lamp! The small, wireless Kizu table lamp, that took the world by storm, fascinates the eye with its sculptural composition and the balance between the shapes. With marble as the supporting element, the lamp achieves natural stability, and the polished stone feels comfortable in the hand when it is moved around the home to exactly where light is needed.

The table lamp provides more than 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge and can therefore be used in countless places in the home - Even where the cord can not find its way.

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9. Fatboy Edison Petit Portable

The Edison Petit is a portable table lamp with a difference! The lamp is not only suitable for indoor use but can also be easily used outdoors on the patio or balcony. The design of the lamps is extremely simple and minimalistic with a modern twist and can be added to most types of decor in the modern home. Would be great for all your gatherings or perhaps as an addition to your cute garden shed indoors or out!

The lightbulb is a built-in LED, and can also be dimmed. USB cable is included for charging the lamp!

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10. Vipp Sculpture Table Lamp

Looking for a gift for a real design connoisseur? Then the Sculpture table lamp from Vipp would be the ultimate pampering gift! The Sculpture series is an elegantly composed series of lamps, where the shade is made of triple-layered opal glass and the base is made of beautiful marble. The table lamp is the ideal companion for the coffee table, bookshelf, or bedside table.

Should you wish the light to be stronger, it is also possible to use the built-in dimmer, which makes it possible to adjust the expression from the lamp light according to your wishes.

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