Gervasoni stands as a monumental Italian brand with a history stretching back to 1882, marking itself as one of the oldest in Italy's furniture and lighting sector. With over 140 years under its belt, the brand combines vast technological experience with a deep skill in craftsmanship, evident in each product's quality and design. It has successfully blended over a century of passion, creative expression, and expertise into an outstanding brand known for its iconic and elegant range of home products. Gervasoni's offer invites consumers into a world of classic Italian elegance, emphasizing the meticulous and thoughtful design that underpins their extensive product range.

Iconic designs

Gervasoni's legacy includes the creation of iconic lamps and furniture known worldwide, where their 140 years of experience in the industry shine through. The brand's array of renowned collections, such as the Ghost collection, has received widespread recognition and admiration globally. This particular collection stands out due to its minimalist design and the innovative feature allowing for the removal and change of covers, showcasing Gervasoni's commitment to versatility and elegance in design. Through their products, Gervasoni has maintained a firm grasp on delivering timeless and beloved designs to the international stage.

The story behind

Originating from a small business in Udine, Italy, specializing in wickerwork, Gervasoni has emerged through 140 years of industry involvement into a global powerhouse in furniture manufacturing. Currently led by the third generation of the Gervasoni family, brothers Giovanni and Michele, the company has remained family-owned since its inception in 1882. This continuity underscores Gervasoni's remarkable journey from local artisanal beginnings to an expansive catalog that today boasts armchairs, sofas from the Ghost collection, and the exquisite Bolla lamps, highlighting their long-standing expertise in wicker products and commitment to exceptional home furnishings.