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  • Asian inspiration: Rice paper lamps
    Rice paper lamps have become a popular trend in later years and exciting products from brands like Vitra and Hay has revived the classic, Asian trend. Rice paper lamps are elegant, light and comes in many different varieties. Lamps made from rice paper is an easy way to give your home an Asian feel and rice paper lamps can be used in most rooms.
  • Beautiful wooden lamps
    In this article, we are presenting some of the leading brands in wooden lighting installations. All of these brands have a sustainable focus and uses natural materials. Read more to learn about the benefits of designing with wood and see the incredible creations from the best brands in wood design.
  • Black November: 5 black lamps
    In November, AndLight.co.uk is going all black. While we're ramping up to Black Friday, we will give you plenty of inspiration on what to buy. This article tells you about the possibilities and applications of matte black lamps.
  • Brand Week: Flos
    This week, we will talk about the legendary brand Flos and their most exciting and popular designs. Learn about the thought process of the designers and application of different lamps for your home. Get inspired by this weeks Brand Week right here!
  • Brand Week: Foscarini
    This week, were focusing on traditional and renowned Italian brand, Foscarini. Foscarini has created some of the most iconic and innovative designs of the lighting industry, and continues to be a mark of quality and innovation in the industry. Read the article and learn more about the amazing brand and their designs.
  • Brand Week: Fritz Hansen
    In this Brand Week we are focusing on the Danish brand Fritz Hansen. The company is well-known for creating beautiful furniture with the best Danish designers. In 2015 they acquired the lighting company Lightyears and since then, they have been offering wonderful and popular designer lighting. Read more about the story of the brand here.
  • Brand Week: GUBI
    GUBI is one of the biggest, Danish brands in designer lighting. GUBI combines the past with the future and they like luxurious materials and lamps with gold and brass colors. Here, you can learn more about the history of the brand and about some of their most popular and innovative products.
  • Brand Week: Muuto
    In this week, Muuto is in the spotlight. The Copenhagen-based design company has become a household name in Scandinavia in just a few years and they offer many different and innovative lamps. Read more to learn about the brand and their most remarkable products.
  • Brand Week: Muuto II
    In this week’s Brand Week, we’re revisiting Muuto, the Danish design company that with its minimalistic and contemporary design language has reached wild popularity, in very little time. Today, we will have a look on the most beautiful and popular pendants from Muuto’s Scandinavian designers.
  • Brand Week: New Works
    This week, we are visiting New Works and diving in to their wonderful table lamps. The philosophy of New Works is coherence, contemporary design and natural materials. Have a look at their table lamps, created from beautiful materials like marble, oak and granite.
  • Brand Week: Northern
    In this Brand Week, we have the focus on Norwegian brand Northern. This young and innovative lighting company works with young, Scandinavian designers to create new and exciting products. With a stron influence from Northern nature, Northern creates contemporary and stylish lamps. Read more to learn about the coolest lamps from Northern.
  • Brand week: The story of FLOS
    We are diving down in the rich and interesting story of Italian lighting behemoth FLOS. Learn about the almost 60 year old brand and view some of the most extraordinary and popular designs from the passionate designers of FLOS.
  • Christmas Shopping: Gifts for him
    A designer lamp can be the perfect gift that you never thought about. A functional and masculine lamp for your father, brother, boyfriend, husband or uncle is a gift that pleases the eye and lasts for many years.
  • Colorful ideas for your interior with &Tradition lamps
    Looking for a new designer lamp at an affordable price? You’ll be sure to find something for your taste with &Tradition. Their large selection and well-known designs from different designers ensure that there is something for every taste.
  • Create exclusive modern style with GUBI lamps in your home
    If you’re on the hunt for your first designer lamp and you want a classic, Scandinavian design, GUBI is a great place to start. A GUBI lamp has plenty of history and they offer a wide variety of products. You might find your new standing lamp, bedside lamp or desktop lamp here.
  • DANISH DESIGN: Yesterday and today
    A Danish designer lamp is a very special gift to get and to give. We have assembled some very special lamps from both traditional and modern times.
  • Gubi
    Multi-lite Pendant
  • Halloween at Andlight
    The end of October, means the start of Halloween. On this occassion, we've collected some lamps with an orange hue, that you can use for your Halloween installation or for some nice, ambient lighting for the winter season. Read more about these beautiful lamps with an orange, ambient theme.
  • Italian Flos lamps to renew your interior
    If you’re looking for your first designer lamp, you are probably overwhelmed with the many options on the market. If so, you might want to start with a beautiful Flos lamp.
  • Lamp Trends 2021
    We have gathered some of the biggest trends of the new decade and you can learn more about different interior design styles in this post. Some of the lamps are classic designs and others have a more modern expression. Regardless of your style and decor, you can learn more about the trends that are on the way in the new year.
  • Lamps for the home office
    Choose the perfect designer lamp for your home office to make it truly unique and special.

    We have the best tips for you to find the right lamp and tips to style it!
  • Muuto
    Scandinavian Design