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Karakter is a Danish design company created by a passion for exploration, courage and an uncompromising approach to quality. Karakter's designs are rooted in the proud Scandinavian design tradition and at the same time have a global perspective. A portfolio consisting of furniture, lighting and objects that are relevant, honest, expressive and occasionally playful. A quest to create designs that enrich homes and express a unique approach to aesthetics and functionality. With Karakter you get a unique mix of tradition and innovation that creates a timeless and inspiring atmosphere in your home.


In 1961, Bodil Kjær designed the Principal series. The Principal series is an iconic expression of the spirit of the times, uniting functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony. With a timeless elegance and simple lines, the furniture fits perfectly into modern interiors as well as classic surroundings. The upholstered dining chair offers a comfortable sitting experience and is upholstered with carefully selected high-quality textiles that emphasize the furniture's refined expression. Bodil Kjær's design philosophy shines through in the Principal series, where every single detail has been carefully considered to create a unique and timeless collection.

Verner Panton Wire

Ideas and Creativity

When collaborating with designers at Karakter, they are carefully selected based on their unique ideas and creativity. What unites them is an inspiring curiosity and a dedicated approach to their work. Karakter collaborates with modern designers such as Aldo Bakker and PlueerSmitt and presents works by Bodil Kjær, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Paul McCobb, Joe Colombo and Angelo Mangiarotti. Each and every design has a unique and irresistible expression, which ensures that they occupy a place in both private homes and public spaces all over the world.

Furniture Copenhagen - Designer David Thulstrup

The production

In 2017, the design company Karakter was founded by Kim Mekawi and Christian Elving. The name Karakter comes from the desire to design products created with a distinct character. At the heart of the company is a portfolio of products that exude relevance, honesty, expression and sometimes even playfulness, all with an uncompromising approach to quality.

Let Karakter help create a unique and inspiring atmosphere in your home, and make it a place where timeless design and modern innovation come together in perfect harmony.

Logo Karakter - Designer furniture from Karakter