Northern, established in 2005 in the Kingdom of Norway, is a dynamic Nordic company specializing in lighting design and manufacturing, deriving its name from its geographical location. They are known for creating designer lamps inspired by the unique nature, culture, society, and the distinct light of the Northern regions. Among its popular designs is the Northern Oslo Wood lamp, which interprets Norway's spruce forests, and other notable products like the Northern Unika pendant and Northern Birdy. Northern boasts collaborations with a diverse mix of designers, including well-known figures and emerging talents such as Jens Praet, Vibeke Skar, and Ove Rogne, all sharing a passion for exploring the possibilities of light. Over its existence, Northern has expanded beyond lighting to include interiors, capturing the essence of Scandinavian simplicity and the ever-changing Nordic light, and emphasizing luxury and style in their functional designs. This expansion reflects the brand's evolution from Northern Lighting to simply Northern, a testament to its growth and broadened focus beyond merely lighting solutions.