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Slamp is an Italian lighting company which, since 1994, has created unique and different creations for both interior designers and private individuals. Their collections are still not so widely known in the Nordics, but Slamp has emphasized its importance several times, e.g. as lamp supplier for the Olympic Games. In 2010, Slamp won a Red Dot Design Award for their exclusive series Veli, created by the young designer Adriano Rachele. Since then, Slamp hasn't looked back, and is still making lots of exciting projects, as well as lamps that will change your decor with new perspectives, creativity and craftsmanship.

The Veli series. Lamps in Haute Couture.

The Veli series, which won a Red Dot Design Award 2010 for its innovative design, is a very special piece of design. All Veli lamps are handmade, with Slamp's own material Opalflex. This is a unique mixture of glass crystals and plastic material, which gives a very special expression and flexibility. Each leaf is applied by hand, making every Veli lamp completely unique. Slamp calls it lamps in Haute Couture.

andtradition AJ8 Table lamp - Design Arne Jacobsen

Slamp's innovative materials.

Slamp has developed many of the materials they use in their lamps themselves. 4 patents have been created and they have all been developed with a view to making their craftsmanship more precise and delicious. For example, their Lentiflex, has been developed to reflect light in a completely unique way and at the same time it is soft enough for the designers to play with shapes and angles in the new material. In the same way, Slamp has developed i.a. the materials Goldflex, Cristalflex and Opalflex.

Space Copenhagen Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou

Handmade in Italy

All Slamp lamps are made sustainably in Italy, by trained craftsmen who ensure the best result, every time. With their own, developed materials and eye for design and innovation, Slamp time and again create fantastic creations that are hard to take your eyes off of. In other words, you get what you pay for at Slamp. A handmade, self-developed Couture lamp, with Italian tradition and a modern expression.

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