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The futuristic Tom Dixon Cut is a multi-aesthetic creation. Its mirror finish turns the lamp into a transparent kaleidoscopic bead when it is turned on. The reflections of the Cut lamp are almost hypnotizing in its infinite repeat of its diamond-like light output. This is the latest proof of Tom Dixon's endless fascination of reflexiveness, brightness and transparency. An adventure of a lamp. The Tom Dixon Cut lamps give an amazing and almost magical light when they are turned on. Especially when hanging several Tom Dixon Cut lamps close to each other, one can create a stunning effect that not only gives a fantastic light and but also creates a unique expression in comparison to other light installations.

The Tom Dixons Cut series was introduced at the Milan Design Week 2017 and is manufactured in both chrome and smoke finishes. In the series there are two-size pendants, a wall lamp and a ceiling lamp. If you are looking for other Tom Dixon products, you can see them here.


Tom Dixon Cut