Vaarnii, a Finnish design brand established in 2021 by Antti Hirvonen and Miklu Silvanto, challenges the conventional Scandinavian design norms with its bold and sophisticated approach. The brand is notable for its emphasis on using Finnish pine, a simple and natural material, to create durable and elegant furniture and objects that encapsulate the essence of Nordic design heritage, functionality, and nature. Vaarnii's Pine Range exemplifies the character and versatility of pine, aiming to reconceptualize it as a valuable material for timeless design. Collaborating with renowned international designers like Cecilie Manz and Max Lamb, and tapping into the expertise of local Finnish craftsmen and factories, Vaarnii produces pieces that not only serve practical needs but also tell stories, becoming heirlooms that enrich homes with their beauty and sustainability. This collaboration brings diverse perspectives to the table, creating a global collection that transforms visionary design into functional artistry, making Finnish craftsmanship accessible worldwide. Vaarnii stands as a testament to the power of innovative and sustainable design, inviting you to explore their range and experience the true essence of Finnish design.